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Waking Up

Posted 11/28/16 6:34 AM by Mo

I had one thought this morning when my alarm went off, and it’s the same thought I have every morning…

I’m tired.

This thought enters my brain roughly 3000 times a day.  In fact, I’m not sure it ever really escapes my brain.  It’s there when I cook breakfast.  It’s there on my way to work.  It’s really loud when I’m at work.  And then at home…. oh my home life… it’s the loudest there.  Usually ending with me curling up on the couch for a power nap of some sort just so I don’t have to think about being tired.

How did I get here?  How did I get so tired of my own life that it’s literally all I think about?

I’m having this feeling lately like life is passing me by.  Every day feels the same, and I’m certain that nagging feeling I’ve had for months now is a sign that I need to change something.

But what?  A part of this feels like an adventure.  I’m heading into unchartered territory, and yet still sitting in my comfy chair, safe in my home.  I truly believe the change has to start in my head… my thoughts and eventually, my patterns.

Changing your thoughts is one thing.  I have countless books about changing your thoughts.  Being more positive.  Saying yes to life.  Dreaming big.  Being mindful.

But changing your patterns?  Your go-to, this is safe, I know what happens when I do this pattern?

That is another story.

One that I’m going to write.

So if you’re tired… weary… and want something different, grab a cup of coffee and follow along.  Life if too short to be so tired, and I want to find a way out.  I think we deserve that.

Happy Monday!



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