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Two Weeks….

Posted 11/11/17 8:48 AM by Mo

Have you ever had one of those moments when you felt like you were being tested?

As if God were saying, “Let’s see if she can follow her own advice. Hehehe...”

It hasn’t been a moment of being tested, but an week of being challenged. The amount of work I created for myself, along with some unseen circumstances, ended with the kind anxiety I hadn’t felt since the first day in a learn to skate, Winter Session.

The final straw was with my phone dying on the way to a hockey game last night.

Then my iPad.

And the charging cord in my car didn’t work…

Someone was telling me something.


It was at this point I stopped trying, and realized I needed to take my own advice and go with the flow. I wasn’t getting what I wanted, but maybe it was exactly what I needed.


Stay in the moment.

Stop working and just relax.

It didn’t hit me until this morning, that I needed an evening of disconnect. Did I want it? Hell, no. Anyone who really knows me probably laughed at my dilemma. While I was sending some notes to my editor this morning, I found a quote in my book that made me pause and described my week.

…heartache and struggles are everyday occurrences in life, and it was our job to persist and find the joy. 

Have I mentioned that my book is out in 2 weeks? #SmallBusinessSaturday

I hope you all are reading something good this weekend 🙂

Have a great week!

xo, Mo


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks….”

  1. Kristie Rust says:

    I’m reading something great! 😉 and listening to something great (The Mountain Between Us) and reading Fish in a Tree with my 9- year old for a Parent/Child book study. I’m also hoping to reread Wonder prior to seeing the movie next weekend! All this and a ton of great 🏈 today! Go Green 🏈💚!

    1. Mo says:

      We saw the movie The Mountain Between Us and loved it! Go Green!

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