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The Last Mrs. Parish

Posted 12/30/17 1:36 PM by Mo

“Amber Peterson was tired of being invisible.”

Are you sensing a pattern, here? Given the workload I had this year, I didn’t read much, but what I did manage to get through fell into the psychological thriller category. But I’m not exactly sure why, other than they are such an enormous escape for me, and I was literally drawn to them.


This one, The Last Mrs. Parish by Liv Constantine has been dubbed the next Gone Girl, which is getting old by the way. Just because a story contains provocative women characters, and may contain a twist or two, doesn’t mean it has to be under the Gone Girl category. Nothing against Gone Girl… I made the audible gasp at that certain twist, but not every book has to be compared to it either.

What I loved about this one was how the author lead you down a path, and then changed the direction with the flick of a page. I really can’t say much more than that without spoilers (which I’ll never do), so you’re just gonna have to read it yourself.

I hope you do… It’s the perfect book to read with a lovely glass of wine by your side.

Okay… one more day! What will it be???

Until then, Happy Reading.

xo, Mo

2 thoughts on “The Last Mrs. Parish”

  1. Kristie Rust says:

    I just picked this up and am taking it on vacation!!!

    1. Mo says:

      I literally can’t say ANYTHING about it. #nospoilers But I think you’ll like it!

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