Three Weeks…

The Countdown Continues…. … And my life continues to be something I don’t always recognize. For instance, seeing my book on Goodreads. I mean, really? How does that even possible? Along with them changing my profile to an author one. Me? An author? When did that happen? I told a friend last week, “If I’m […]

Novel News

This is all a bit surreal for me, this publishing business. On one hand, I’m trying to keep my business hat on, learning everything I can about the marketing, websites, code – anything I can get my hands on, really. On the other hand, my head is screaming YOU’RE PUBLISHING A BOOK!!!! So, you know, […]

The Sunday List, The Reset Button

I know you’ve been here before.  You’re on your phone, looking up something unimportant, when it freezes.  You hit the home button, close the app, open the app, and search again. Again, it freezes. Suddenly, that unimportant info you were looking for is life and death, and you’ll be damned if a phone is going […]

The Why

Why do we need another blog about books? What exactly is The Novel Way? What if no one reads this? These are the questions rattling around my head for the past month or so since I’ve decided to create this blog.  In truth, I’ve always had this blog.  Go ahead, look at the archives… I’ll […]

So Long April

The Sunday List is coming to you from the last day of April.  Normally, my first response is good riddance to any month, but April 2017 was one that I’d like to remember.  I guess any month that includes a vacation is always going to be a good one, but this one seemed more giving […]