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The Sunday List, The Reset Button

Posted 06/18/17 1:30 PM by Mo

I know you’ve been here before.  You’re on your phone, looking up something unimportant, when it freezes.  You hit the home button, close the app, open the app, and search again.

Again, it freezes.

Suddenly, that unimportant info you were looking for is life and death, and you’ll be damned if a phone is going to stop you.

You follow steps 1-4 again.  Nothing.

What do you do?  What should you have done after the first time?  Reset your phone.  Power off, then on.  Close all the other apps.  Give your phone a chance to freaking breathe.

In case you haven’t figured out, I’m not talking about a phone anymore.  I’m talking about my life.

And I need to find the reset button, fast.

I noticed somewhere around Monday afternoon, that things were getting a little out of balance for me when I couldn’t find chocolate in the house where I work.   No baking chocolate.  No chocolate candy.  No chocolate ice cream.  Not even a single can of Coke (which is always my last resort).  And I almost broke down right there in the kitchen.

I work 5 days  a week.  Since April I’ve been trying to get this blog off the ground.  And last week, I thought it’d be a great time to revive my self publishing goals by entering a contest, which I ended up winning in round one (ah-MAZE-ing), so that also means I have a LOT more writing to do.

Who does this?

Meanwhile, I’m eating sugar like it’s the base of the food pyramid, not working out (but really, really wanting to), and finding resentment in the smallest of things.  See above paragraph re: chocolate.

I know I’m completely out of whack.  I know this is me and has nothing to do with the job, the heat, or even the chocolate.  I know that trying to be super woman/nanny is a very twisty, long road that leads to drinking excessive amounts of wine.

I know this.

So this entire weekend has been about hitting the reset button.  Finding ways to make peace with the life I have chosen (and really do love), and gaining some balance.   While I wait for the edits to come back, I have chosen this weekend to be a little selfish… after all, I do have the time right now.

Here are some ways you too can hit the reset button:

  1. Morning planning session.  I know this sounds like another way to add more to your list, but I promise it’s not.  This is all about priorities and choosing what matters most.  For instance, after looking at the next month, I know working out probably isn’t going to happen.  I need to let it go.  However, eating carbs and sugar every day, ALL DAY, isn’t going to work either.  Finding healthier alternatives is going to be key for me to stay sane.  I am a much better person when I get sleep and eat real food… the battle is just getting off the sugar.  That’s a whole other blog post though.
  2. Focusing on one thing.  I literally wrote an entire page on focus this morning, and how I don’t have it.  By the end of the page though, I had some ideas of how I can help myself.   Staying centered and focused on one thing at a time is my biggest goal.  Not thinking about what groceries I need, while I write this post, for instance.  That’s a no-no.  I also know that my job has probably caused this dissection of focus, but it’s time to reel it back in when needed.  This is going to be a work in progress, but probably the most important one for me.
  3. Letting some things go.  I have this annoying habit of trying to be everything to everyone.  Annoying for me that is.  I don’t know when I started the hustle for approval, but I think it was back in high school.  That’s a lot of hustling.  It’s time for me to take a step back and manage my time, money, and energy towards what brings me joy.  This is something everyone reading should do as well.
  4. Be grateful.  When you find yourself needing a reset button, gratitude is not likely on your radar.  It’s the one thing that can change your mindset in a matter of minutes.  A simple list at the end of the day.  A whispered “thank you” when that parking spot opens up in the rain.  A hug for someone who thought of you.  This doesn’t have to be a huge deal, just a simple perspective change.  It will change everything if you practice daily.

Obviously, there are a million ways YOU can reset how you’re feeling.  This list is personal… my list, and it is helping me plan for another crazy week.  I’m also incorporating morning an evening check-ins with my planner, just to stay on track.  I know that’s not for everyone, but it is something that keeps my mind calm.

This post isn’t about me or my list.  They are just suggestions.  What I want you to do is create your own list.  What calms you down?  What makes you ready to face another day?  What makes you smile?  Hint… if you answered chocolate, you better get making a list.

I hope you have an awesome week.  I know I’m ready for mine now…

Happy reading,

xo, Mo


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