speed bumps

I have been beating myself up lately because I haven’t been the best company.  Work has been insane, death has been living up to its promise of coming in three’s, and I haven’t been able to shut my brain off long enough to read anything.  I don’t think I would classify it as depression yet, but there is definitely a speed bump in the road that I seem to keep running over.

But today, as I was waiting for Evan and going over my day, I realized that throughout all of it, today included, I have had the choice of going around the speed bump.  Avoiding it all together.  So often our first reaction is that quick-tempered, this-isn’t-what-I-expected-and-I’m-pissed reaction.
I’ve perfected that reaction.
And now I think it’s time to find a new one.  
Choosing to make the most out of whatever comes our way is what will keep us from going off the deep end wanting to sleep the day away.  It’s funny, because I do this automatically at work.  I problem solve and can switch to plan B so easily, it’s almost as if there was no plan A to begin with. 
Why I haven’t figured out how to apply this to LIFE yet is beyond me.  
I know, I know… baby steps.  And it will be with baby steps that I learn to walk around those damn speed bumps.
Sorry it’s been so long… hope you’re having a better start to this year than I am 🙂
Happy Wednesday!

2 Replies to “speed bumps”

  1. Glad you are back. Well said and a wonderful reminder. I've missed you

  2. Glad you are back. Well said and a wonderful reminder. I've missed you

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