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Inspiration… or something like that.

Posted 12/17/16 8:12 AM by Mo

Good Morning Peeps!

I’m not sure where you’re living, but here in Michigan, we are covered in snow and frosty air.  I have Nat King Cole serenading me, and the coffee is flowing.


Am I ready for Christmas?  Hell no.  Do I care right now?  Nope.

I am done worrying when the bag of money is going to be dropped off on my porch, and trusting in the fact that everything ALWAYS works out.  Christmas will come and go, my boys will live to see another one, and all will be well.

After all, that faith is what Christmas is really all about.

So… Nine Women, One Dress.  Wow.  I want to personally thank Jane Rosen for writing this beauty that felt like the perfect little black dress.  It was charming, original, thoughtful, and left me with a feeling of happiness when it was over.  It reminded me of those movies with several plot lines that all merge in the end… Love, Actually… Valentines Day… He’s Just Not That Into You.

The writer in me was wondering how she kept it all straight and how in the world did she plot this out?  THIS is the kind of book I want to write, I thought to myself.


This week, I am going off on a tangent of some sort.  Honestly, this is a little late because I couldn’t decide on the next pick.  But I am learning to follow my heart, and this is what she came up with 🙂

You are a Badass is everything the title says.  It is in the self-help genre, but this is by no means a light and fluffy read.  It’s brutally honest, funny, and filled with expletives that left me giggling. I wish Jen Sincero was my friend I could sit and laugh over drinks.

AND if you get this as an audio book, you get to hear Jen read it herself.  I can’t tell you enough how much you should have her read this to you.  (Pssst… on Audible, the first book is free 🙂 )

By the end of this book, you literally feel like you can do anything you’ve every wanted.  Whether or not you take control of your life is completely up to you, but she is just the kick in the pants you need to get the ball rolling.

I can’t think of a better book to get you ready for 2017, no matter where you are in your life.

Whatever you are reading this weekend, I hope you’re cozy and warm… obviously with coffee beside you.

Or wine.  Wine is good too 🙂

Have a great week!



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