Nine Women, One Dress

Happy Friday Peeps!! First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and checking this out.  More traffic is definitely a good thing 🙂 This week will go down as a very long one… longest in a while.  BUT the end is in sight (at least for me), and you know what that means…. COFFEE + […]


Is there anything better than a good book? How about time to read that good book in your favorite chair and cozy blanket? This year has not been my greatest reading year… not by a long shot.  I had the hardest time finding anything that would capture my attention, then when it did, my life […]

Waking Up

I had one thought this morning when my alarm went off, and it’s the same thought I have every morning… I’m tired. This thought enters my brain roughly 3000 times a day.  In fact, I’m not sure it ever really escapes my brain.  It’s there when I cook breakfast.  It’s there on my way to work. […]

Moving Forward

  It’s funny – well, not really funny I guess – but before the election, I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Now that it’s over, I want this part to be done too.  Is it me or are people crazy in the head at this point and time?  I get that Trump is […]

Linda’s Top Ten

So I needed a little inspiration to get into the writing tonight, and thought to myself… It’s Ping’s Birthday!  We should celebrate the day she was born! I have my Spotify playlist for The Lucky One playing, because that was one happy memory, and here we go… The first time I ever talked to her […]