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“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

Pen on Fire, back in action

Posted 06/30/11 11:57 AM by Mo

Set your timer for 15 minutes and explain yourself:

Years ago I had other digs at Blogspot and had started that blog by going through Barbara Demarco-Barrett’s book Pen On Fire. It was one of my favorite writing times because everything I wrote was fresh and had a purpose. I won’t lie to you… sometimes finding things to write about can be downright exhausting. So when I had an entire book of writing prompts, I was in Heaven.

But for some reason, I never completely finished the book, so I think it’s only right to go back through the book and finish it for good. I have my book and my trusty timer on my phone, so I am going to do this.

Thankfully, for my 40th birthday, Linda had printed every post ever done on that first website. Even though it was deleted online, I still have those first years in a binder. For years she has told me, ‘make a book with them,’ and I never really thought anything of it until yesterday when I started to read through them again. When I got about half way through it dawned on me that I might actually be able to make a book out of these. I don’t know if anyone would buy it, but to have it all in one place would be amazing.

So I am going through the book and completing the ones that I never finished back then. I will set my timer and have at it. To have this come back into my life at this time is such a blessing and reminds me of why I write.

I simply love it.

End of story.

Love your day 🙂

love and marriage

Posted 06/30/11 11:56 AM by Mo

Usually, these two words go together like a couple, hand in hand. I have actually come to realize they mean two different things. I believe that love is the heart-thumping, giddy, romantic feeling we have when we meet that person. Love is that feeling of seeing those two meet at the end of the aisle. […]

this much I know is true

Posted 06/30/11 11:54 AM by Mo Parisian

They say walking is therapy for the soul, and I’m starting to believe them. Who “they” are is a mystery, but I’ve read it so often lately that I have to give in and jump on board. I just got back from a 2+ mile walk on the most beautiful morning we’ve had yet this […]

Friday Reads

Posted 06/30/11 11:52 AM by Mo

This blog is going to be a combination of the two things I love… writing and books. I have come to figure out that I can’t go too long without either of them in my life, and days are considerably better when I have both. For a long time I had two blogs, and now […]

Life is too short

Posted 06/30/11 11:50 AM by Mo

So a few years back, Linda and I would play email tag with the topic of Life is too short to…And we would fill in the blank. We would go about our day and when we thought of a good one we would send an email back. At one point one of us thought a […]