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The Sunday List, Summer Reading

Is  there anything better than Summer Reading?

A stack of books.

An icy drink.


Maybe it’s because I live in Michigan, but reading outside is one of my favorite things.  The fact that we have limited time makes it even more attractive.  Our back deck is literally just another room in our house once the temps get above 65.

Every year I start with a list of books that will be coming out, but rarely get through them all.  This year, I scoured every list I’ve seen… (thank you Buzzfeed, Pop Sugar, and Redbook) and created my own list of books that I plan on reading.

Like, they’re in my calendar.

Yes, I’ve turned into that person.

So, here is my list.  What I would love is anyone to take this challenge with me and see how many of these titles you get through.  The list consists of books that come out after Memorial Day, but there are a few bonus books at the end in case you wanted to start early 🙂

Summer Reading List 2017

  1. In This Moment, Karma Brown.  Out May 30.
  2. The Good Widow, Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke (is it ever really Summer without a Liz & Lisa book?).  Out June 1
  3. The Lost Letter, Jillian Cantor.  Out June 13.
  4. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Taylor Jenkins Reid.  Out June 13.
  5. Kiss Carlo, Adriana Trigiani.  Out June 20.
  6. Every Last Lie, Mary Kubica.  Out June 27.
  7. Hello, Sunshine, Laura Dave.  Out July 11.
  8. Watch Me Disappear, Janelle Brown.  Out July 11.
  9. What To Say Next, Julie Buxbaum.  Out July 11. 

BONUS BOOKS!  These beauties are already out, just waiting to be read…

  1. Every Wild Heart, Meg Donohue.
  2. It’s Always the Husband, Michele Campbell.
  3. Confessions of a Domestic Failure, Bunmi Laditan.

Well, that’s it… my summer in a beautiful, perfect list!  Is it me, or are the covers exceptional this year?  Comment, share, and start reading!

Happy Reading!

xo, Mo


The Why

Why do we need another blog about books?

What exactly is The Novel Way?

What if no one reads this?

These are the questions rattling around my head for the past month or so since I’ve decided to create this blog.  In truth, I’ve always had this blog.  Go ahead, look at the archives… I’ll wait.  It was always just something I did for me and a few friends who knew about it.  No Facebook pages, no Instagram accounts… just the words.  Reading and writing have always just gone hand in hand for me, and while I always wanted a bigger audience, I was probably too afraid of what other people would think to put myself out there.  The phrase what other people think should be removed from our thought process.

So, back to the questions and the ever present WHY?  Why do we need another book blog?  Short answer, we don’t.  Just like we don’t need another parenting blog or healthy living blog.  There are certainly great ones out there, right?  But this won’t stop other people from starting new ones every single day.

The Novel Way isn’t just about books.  It’s about life.  It’s about finding time in your day to do more things you love, like reading.  I spent too many years miserable in a job that made me feel like there was no way out.  Like nothing I did would ever make a difference.  I just thought that was the way it was supposed to be.  Then I left, and a different world opened up to me.  No, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.  There are those sweet baby Jesus moments days when I’m counting down the hours till naptime.  But, the one thing I’ve learned about myself is that making a difference is important to me.  I like to help others find a book or solve a problem.  It’s literally in my DNA.  And If I can make you smile or laugh along the way, well that would be perfection.

So, yeah… that’s why.  My goal is to inspire you… to read, to try a different perspective, to make your load a little lighter.

If I can get one person to feel happier after reading something I wrote, then HELL YES I’m in.  Love a book I recommend, please leave a comment.  If this isn’t for you, that’s okay.

Either way, thanks for reading 🙂

See you next time!