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Beginning again…

To say I was devastated would be an understatement.

I can’t even relate it to anything, because nothing like this has happened to me before. I know you’re thinking “who died?” (and sadly, someone did, but not because of this), so you’ll probably think I’ve gone off the deep end when you realize that I’m this upset over losing my two blogs from over at Blogspot. To me, it feels like a death.

I had the Write Away blog for 5 years and really, it’s how I found my voice. I had recently updated it to be more of a Books I’ve Read kind of site, and now it’s gone. The Words To Live By (blogspot version) had been up and running for a year now, and I was just at a point where I felt that I could share it with everyone (not just the trusted few) and had even registered it on Facebook with their networked blogs. I’m ready to share what I have to say, and more importantly, I’m not worried about what they think any longer. I loved that blog, and now that’s gone too.

I’m not sure what happened. I posted yesterday morning about, oddly enough, the book Unbroken. Ironic, I know. I’m not worried about trying something new, and actually I kind of like the change. What makes me sick to my stomach is that all my writings are gone. I am trying to get them back, but my hopes at this point are not high.

So, please bear with me as I try to muddle through the changes of getting used to a new site. I will keep writing, because at this point, I couldn’t not write. George Santayana once said “Wisdom comes by disillusionment,” and I can only hope that at the end of this drama, I’ll be wiser.

Let’s start a new road together…