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8 Days!

Posted 11/17/17 9:28 AM by Mo

Happy Friday!!

Coming to you from Day 8 in my lovely little #countdowntopubday I’ve been doing on Instagram. Cheesy, perhaps. Nerdy, definitely.

I’m okay with that. 🤓

There are a few select people who read the first draft of What We Know Now, and remember the original title was 8 Steps To a Better Life. When everyone – and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE – said the title was too self-helpy, I changed it to A Mother’s Guide to Living.

Again, it didn’t stick with the editors I worked with this summer. A title is literally one of the pieces that draws a reader in. It can make or break a book, and they are so hard to nail down.

”You’ll find it in the words,” I was told this summer. “When you see it, you’ll know.”

And I did. Within the edits I was working on, the words what we know now jumped off the computer screen at me. It clicked, and I knew. The title was never questioned again.

It’s just another piece of the puzzle that has led me to this point, and I’m so grateful to anyone who had a heartfelt, honest opinion.

The 8 Steps are part of the journey in the book and are very significant to the main characters. And to me.

I can’t wait for all of you to read this…

Have a great weekend. Hopefully you’re reading something good…

xo, Mo



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