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Posted 12/1/16 3:54 PM by Mo

It’s December 1st.

As in 25 24 days till Christmas.

As in 24 days to figure out how to manage my money so I don’t break the bank this year.

I swear if we took out the stress and need to compete with others over gifts and decorating, we’d be much happier.  Where would we be if we celebrated what Christmas was really about, instead of beating ourselves up thinking that whatever we spend won’t nearly be enough?

Do we ever feel like what we do is enough?  How are we supposed to enjoy ourselves when the self-induced pressure is very real? (And it is self-induced).

My main goal this year is to take each of these next 24 days and make them different from what I’ve done in the past… and I’m hoping you’ll do the same with me.  What we do for others, whatever we do for others, will be enough.  Trust in that.


5 Ways to Savor this Holiday Season…

  1.  Above and beyond anything else, focus on you and your family first.  I know finding the perfect gift for your boss or bestie feels important, but trust me, they will still be your boss or bestie after the holiday.  If you’re spending money, make sure it’s on the ones that really count.  The ones who see your bedhead and love you anyways.  The ones who know what kind of wine is your favorite.  The ones who don’t make fun of you for knitting your tenth scarf in a row.  Gifts for others shouldn’t break the bank or your sanity.  A coffee mug filled with goodies.  A bottle of wine.  A great book.  Trust me when I say you don’t need to stress about this.
  2. Stay off social media if it brings you down.  There is nothing worse than going on Facebook to check in, and realizing you didn’t decorate nearly enough as ANYONE else.  Keeping up with the Joneses is a full time job for some, and they take it VERY SERIOUSLY.  It’s okay… totally their choice.  But it’s not okay to feel like your life doesn’t match up if you don’t have a decorated tree in every room.  Or Santa outfits for your dog.  Or 64,000 twinkling Italian lights adorning your exterior (Thanks Clark!).  Decorate as much or little as you want, and do it with joy.
  3. Listen to Christmas music daily.  A Charlie Brown Christmas, in particular.  Trust me on this… the entire soundtrack will make you feel like a kid again and put a smile on your face.  If that’s not your thing, then search through Apple or Amazon Music apps.  Seems like everyone has a Holiday album now.
  4. Be a party pooper.  This time of year brings many invites to all kinds of parties.  Pick a couple that you want to attend, but certainly don’t feel like you need to go to all of them!  The next 24 days is a battle field, and the only way you will get through it is if you take care of yourself first.  That means skipping the party that you really didn’t want to go to anyways.  Pop some popcorn and Netflix, or better yet, go to the movies and see something new… Like Office Christmas Party 🙂
  5. Stay healthy.  You know the rules… drink water, skip the Doritos dinner, try to exercise a little every day (instead of 60 min once a week). Keep your life and mind in balance.  If you don’t meditate, download an app (Like Headspace) and give it a try.  Yoga and Pilates are also great for keeping yourself grounded and can be easily accessed for free on Youtube.

That’s what I call a good start… what would you add to the list?  I’d love to hear how you survive the holidays 🙂

Happy December!


P.S.  I made the above graphic into a phone wallpaper too.  Just tap on it and save to your photos if you want a daily reminder to CHOOSE JOY!img_1942


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